With over 9 years of global customer service experience, combined with our innovative and high service orientation have made smart chiplink a deeply trusted supply chain partner to the world's leading manufacturers.


Smart chiplink has focused on component supply and technical support for terminal manufacturers of automotive electronics, industrial medical and smart interconnection. Smart chiplink has accumulated rich experience in cooperation and can fully meet the procurement needs of enterprises at different stages of product development. We are confident to share these valuable experiences to more clients.

9 Years
15,000 m2
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IC for XilinxIC for Xilinx
IC for BrondcomIC for Brondcom
IC for Texas InstrumentsIC for Texas Instruments
IC for Intel/AlteraIC for Intel/Altera
IC for STMicroelectronicsIC for STMicroelectronics
IC for InfineonIC for Infineon
IC for MicrochipIC for Microchip
IC for Analog DevicesIC for Analog Devices
How do IC chips work: Unveiling the Power of Integrated Circuits
Integrated circuits, commonly known as IC chips, are the tiny electronic devices that power our modern world. From smartphones and computers to cars and home appliances, IC chips are at the heart of almost every electronic device we use. But have you ever wondered how these miraculous little chips actually work?
Wide application of PCB Assembly technology in modern electronic manufacturing industry
With the rapid development of science and technology, the electronic manufacturing industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. As the core component of electronic equipment, printed circuit boards (PCBs) play a vital role in the electronic manufacturing industry.
How does the IC work? Uncovering the working principle of integrated circuits
As an indispensable component of modern electronic devices, the complexity and efficiency of integrated circuits play a key role in all walks of life. However, many people still have a limited understanding of the internal working mechanism of ICs.
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THT PCB Assembly PCB THT PCB Assembly PCB
Digital Signal Processors & Controllers Digital Signal Processors & Controllers
Driver ICs Driver ICs
Logic ICs Logic ICs
Ethernet ICs Ethernet ICs
Interface ICs Interface ICs
Power Management ICs Power Management ICs
Turnkey PCBA Manufacturing Service
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Reduce Your Clients Complaints
● 100% Original Components that could pass the 3rd-party labs test

● Certificated with ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, we have strict internal quality control process for components and electronics manufacturing service.
Reduce Your Cost
● More than 9 years of experience in supplying electronics components, with exclusive supply channels.

● Over 15,000 ㎡ in-stock warehouse, reduce your warehouse cost.
Improve Your Purchase Work
● We provide One-stop service, including BOM purchase, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly.

● Strong Supply Channels to help you find obsolete or low-supply components.
Save Your Time
● Professional Sales Team could reply your enquiry in one hours

● Engineering team could give suggestions on alternaitve components, PCB manufacturing & assembly proecss.