I Move Forward with the Country | 2023, Running China's Foreign Trade


In 2023, despite the overall weak external demand, China's foreign trade relied on its strong industrial and supply chain advantages, and with the support of policies such as expanding high-level opening up to the outside world, it still performed well overall. The most eye-catching among them is that our automobile export scale in 2023 will exceed the 5 million mark, surpassing Japan and becoming the world's largest automobile export country. Today's foreign trade story starts with a group of Autobots.

In 2023, domestically produced new energy vehicles queued up at ports in many parts of China, with an average daily export of over 14000 vehicles. Nowadays, Chinese cars have been sold to six continents around the world and have become a shining Chinese business card on the streets of foreign countries.

Ethiopian Chinese car owner Negusie: I am very satisfied with my car, I love Chinese cars.

Brazilian Chinese car owner Marcio: What attracts me the most about Chinese brands is that they provide high-quality products to the Brazilian market at more affordable prices.

South African Chinese car owner Magdalena: The quality of Chinese cars is also very good, which is very important for us.

Shao Jingfeng, National model worker and Chief Designer of SAIC Innovation Research and Development Institute: I am an auto designer in China. In 2023, China's auto exports will be the first in the world. My team and I have also made contributions. Our car is currently selling well in Europe, with monthly sales exceeding 10000 units.

The best-selling car in Shao Jingfeng's mouth is a Chinese independent brand electric passenger car. Since September 2023, overseas monthly sales have continuously exceeded 10000, and the cumulative global delivery has exceeded 100000 units.

British consumer Rachel Harrison: I feel great. A very affordable car, and it also looks great.

Chinese brand car salesperson Nick Vulcan: Customers really like our cars, especially the younger generation. Most customers are interested in the design of our new car, as well as its reliability and safety. In Europe, the MG's collision safety test rating has reached a full five-star rating.

The reason why more and more foreign consumers choose Chinese brand cars is that they have the same quality, reasonable price, excellent quality, and superior cost-effectiveness.

However, compared to the strong sales at the end of the year, for designer Shao Jingfeng, the urgent task at the beginning of 2023 is to win back the international market as soon as possible after the pandemic turns around. And the most crucial thing is to design cars that are more popular among foreign consumers.

Shao Jingfeng, the national model worker and the chief designer of SAIC Innovation Research and Development Institute: There are many difficulties in this process. The Chinese consumer market likes cars very much, but it pursues a sense of speed overseas, small, compact and refined.

Based on extensive product research on overseas demand, Shao Jingfeng has decided to eliminate the mainstream functions of domestic cars such as multi screen and intelligence, and pursue a minimalist style. But minimalism does not necessarily mean low quality, and the design team's attention to detail tends towards the extreme.

Designer Wang Mu from SAIC Innovation Research and Development Institute: Consumers in the European market actually prefer fabric seats, so fabric has a major problem, such as coffee stains falling off and difficult to clean. By adding an anti fouling coating to the fabric, this problem can be solved.