Smart Chiplink PCB Assembly Plant Expands New Plant to Drive Innovation and Production Efficiency


Today, Smart Chiplink, a leading global electronic manufacturing service provider, announced a major expansion in its technology and production capabilities to meet growing market demand and customer expectations.


The new plant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province will be a new milestone for Smart Chiplink in the field of PCB assembly. The new plant will feature state-of-the-art automated assembly lines and high-efficiency production equipment designed to improve production efficiency and product quality. Smart Chiplink said that this expansion will not only increase its total production capacity, but will also further strengthen the company's leading position in the field of electronic manufacturing.


"We are very pleased to announce the opening of the new plant, which marks Smart Chiplink's continued growth and investment in the global electronic manufacturing market," said Smart Chiplink's CEO in a statement. "This expansion will not only help meet customer demand for high-quality PCB assembly, but will also support our continued efforts in technological innovation and production efficiency."


The new plant is expected to bring significant employment opportunities to the local economy and new business opportunities to the local supply chain and related service providers. Smart Chiplink emphasized that they will continue to be committed to sustainable development and social responsibility, ensuring that the new plant's operations meet the highest environmental and production standards.


Since its establishment, SmartLink has been committed to providing excellent electronic manufacturing services to global customers through technological innovation and efficient production processes. Their products cover multiple industries, including consumer electronics, communications, medical devices, and industrial automation.


The opening of the new factory is expected to further consolidate SmartLink's leadership in the PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing industry and provide customers with more customized solutions and technical support.