8 Layer Immersion Gold 1OZ FR4 pcb printed circuit assembly

8 Layer Immersion Gold 1OZ FR4 pcb factory pcb assembly shenzhen printed circuit board manufacturers

Product Description

pcb assembly

8 Layer Immersion Gold 1OZ FR4 pcb printed circuit assembly


Detailed Product Description






Supplied By Customers Or Supplied By Manufacturer

PCB Test:

AOI ; 100%test For Open And Short;

PCBA Test:

X-ray,Function Test


HDI With Laser And Buried Holes

High Light:

Immersion Gold PCBA Circuit Board, 

FR4 PCBA Circuit Board, 

1OZ 8 Layer PCB Board

8 Layer Immersion Gold 1OZ FR4 PCBA Printed Circuit Board SMT Assembly pcb factory pcb assembly shenzhen printed circuit board manufacturers


1. Detailed Specifications



Board Thickness


Surface Treatment

Immersion Gold

Copper Thickness

1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1 OZ





The Min Laser Drill Hole

4 Mill




PCB assembly services are offered by specialized companies that provide the expertise and facilities to assemble electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). These services are often used by individuals, businesses, or product developers who do not have the capabilities or resources to perform PCB assembly in-house. Here are some key aspects of PCB assembly services:

Turnkey Assembly: Many PCB assembly service providers offer turnkey assembly, which means they handle the entire process from component procurement to final testing. They source the components, manufacture the PCBs, perform the assembly, and conduct quality control and testing. This allows customers to outsource the entire PCB assembly process and receive a fully assembled and tested product.

Prototype and Production Runs: PCB assembly services cater to a wide range of production volumes, from small prototype runs to large-scale production. They have the expertise to handle the complexities of both low-volume and high-volume assembly. This flexibility allows customers to test and validate their designs before moving into mass production.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole Assembly: PCB assembly services typically offer both SMT and through-hole assembly capabilities. Surface mount technology is commonly used for compact and densely populated PCBs, while through-hole assembly is suitable for larger components or specialized applications. The service provider will have the equipment and expertise to handle both assembly methods.

Quality Control and Testing: PCB assembly services employ quality control measures to ensure that the assembled PCBs meet the required standards. They may use automated optical inspection (AOI), X-ray inspection, functional testing, and other methods to detect defects or faults. This helps ensure the reliability and functionality of the final product.

Design Support: Some PCB assembly services offer design support to assist customers in optimizing their PCB layouts for manufacturability and assembly. They can review designs, make suggestions for improvements, and ensure that the assembly process will be efficient and cost-effective.

Customization and Special Requirements: PCB assembly services can accommodate various customization needs and special requirements. This includes specific component sourcing, conformal coating application, specialized testing procedures, and other value-added services based on the customer's specifications.

When selecting a PCB assembly service, it is important to consider factors such as the service provider's reputation, experience, quality control processes, production capabilities, cost, and lead times. Getting quotes and evaluating multiple service providers can help in finding the one that best fits your specific requirements.


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8 Layer Immersion Gold 1OZ FR4 pcb printed circuit assembly

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