2024 is a critical year for native HarmonyOS


Over the past decade, Huawei has led many industry firsts and launched many leading products and technologies. Yu Chengdong looks forward to the next decade, and Huawei will continue to adhere to its smart all scenario strategy, focusing on industries, products, and features.


In this regard, Huawei will continue to increase research and development investment, break through from the root technology, and focus on four major scenarios: personal intelligence, office intelligence, travel intelligence, and whole house intelligence. Among them, mobile phones should focus on six core functions, strengthen their strengths, and achieve world leadership; The Zhixuan car business utilizes Huawei's years of technological accumulation and management capabilities to help car companies build and sell good cars, establish the Hongmeng Zhixing Ecological Alliance, and achieve commercial success.


He also mentioned that 2024 is a crucial year for native HarmonyOS, and we need to accelerate the development of various HarmonyOS native applications, focusing on winning the two most challenging battles of technology foundation and third-party ecosystem.


It is worth mentioning that on December 29, 2023, Huawei's rotating chairman Hu Houkun delivered a New Year's speech, stating that it is expected to achieve sales revenue of over 700 billion yuan in 2023, with better than expected terminal business and significantly improved competitiveness in intelligent automotive solutions.


The full text is as follows:


The road to victory is by no means smooth sailing, without going through the night or dawn. In the past few years, faced with round after round of sanctions and suppression, the tenacious terminal soldiers did not waste the opportunity of this crisis, but instead burst out with greater energy. I believe that there are always more ways than difficulties, and learn to sail against the wind. With the strong support of the company and its sister departments, we worked together, fought bravely, broke through the encirclement, and defended the glory of the Iron Army.


There is no future waiting, only a tomorrow that has been created. In August 2023, Pioneer Plan was launched, with the Mate 60 series and Mate X5 crossing mountains and seas. Satellite communication, Lingxi Communication, Kunlun Glass, Huawei Imaging XMAGE, and other core selling points favored by consumers; Within three months of its launch, the global shipment volume of WATCH GT 4 exceeded 2.5 million units, and the cumulative global shipment volume of tablets exceeded 100 million units; The number of devices connected to HarmonyOS has exceeded 700 million, marking the beginning of the native HarmonyOS ecosystem. Leading internet applications have joined in, sparking a development boom for HarmonyOS; Successfully launched the new high-end brand ULTIMATE DESIGNER, telling the brand story of "not being born extraordinary, but daring to be extraordinary";


Zhixuan Car has turned the tables against the wind and launched a desperate counterattack, with the Wenjie New M7 expected to exceed 100000 units within two and a half months of its launch; Whole house intelligence, as a new industry, aims to achieve a positive annual profit contribution; High end headphones and smart screens have achieved high user satisfaction; The overseas market continues to focus, with significant improvements in operations and a significant increase in the mindset of high-end brands.


"Let me spread my wings and fly high between heaven and earth, who said it was a naive prophecy."


At the autumn product launch event on September 25th, when our colleagues, pollen, and partners stood on stage, raised their phones to light up the flash, and sang "Glorious Years", I believe many people, like me, were moved and grateful in their hearts. Grateful to every dedicated and lovely terminal employee, silently supporting Huawei family members, brother department colleagues who fought hard to save, and cooperative partners who worked together.